Tom Enos – Florida Knifemakers Association

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, where I graduated from Plant High School and the University of Tampa. I earned a BS degree in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and went to work in the Aerospace Industry at Cape Canaveral in the early 1960’s. As an engineer in computer programming and data analysis I worked on various projects: the Saturn Rocket Engine and later the Moon Launch Project. I worked for a number of aerospace companies including Martin Orlando, RCA, Chrysler, STL, and ILS.

One day while on a break from an overseas project I stopped in at Randall Made Knives in Orlando to purchase a Randall knife. I was greeted by an old friend from my days at Martin, Pete Hamilton who was the shop foreman. He invited me to come to work for Randall, the requirement being that I would be able to grind a straight line on a round wheel.

It took me a few weeks but I finally learned the art and worked at Randall Made Knives for about a year then decided to give knifemaking a try on my own. We converted my airplane hangar into a metal-working shop. After investing heavily in machinery and supplies, in 1973 I began marketing my own knives under my trademark: my name inside a Bowie outline. I enjoy knifemaking, which I consider an art form, and like to create unique designs and make everything from Throwing Knives to Swords, and Minatures to Hunting and Kitchen knives.

Over 1,800 knives of every type have been made and sold under my trademark. I work in only stainless steels, mostly 440 C using the stock removal process and man-made and natural materials for handles. My trademark and the year are always acid etched on the right hand side and the steel type and serial number on the left. I also make my own leather sheaths and have always offered a lifetime guarantee on all my work. I have never had any returns except for repairs which I am happy to do for my customers. Now I only do a limited number of special request as I have slowed down on knife production to enjoy my other hobbies: Flying, Motorcycle riding, camping, boating, and photography. I am a member of a number of social societies including Sigma Phi Epsilon, NRA life member, National Geographic Society, AOPA and others.


12302 St. Road 535, Orlando, Florida,
(407) 239-6205