TerryLee Renner – Florida Knifemakers Association

I am the owner and operator of TR Blades, which was established in 2005.

Someone somewhere remembers my first attempt at knife making as I attempted to build my own Buck folding knife, using a body grinder and a file, some scrap brass and a table leg for handle wood. Years later my friends were still using it to shuck oysters. I had moved back to my hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, where I met a few fellows who happened to be some of the founding members of the Knifemaker’s Guild, Mr. R.D. (Doyle) Nolen, Mr. T.J. Yancy, and Mr. Howard Robbins.

These fine fellows allowed me into their shops and showed me what a real knife was supposed to look like.
At this time, I started carving wildlife portraits instag, and traded some of my work for materials and supplies with them for theuse of their tools and the expertise of Mr. Nolen.
Thanks again to all of them.

At the present time I make mostly folding knives incorporating my own patented integral lock. These are constructed using ATS-34, S30V, and Damascus steels from various smiths. I do my own heat-treating. Handle materials are usually titanium, pearl, mastodon ivory, giraffe bone, and stabilized wood and stone.
My carved levitated display art knives are usually handled in Sambar stag.
All my levitated knives are custom ordered.

Please, take a look at my website for examples of previous works and current products.
You maycontact me at for all personal custom orders, any questions that you may have or just to talk about knives.


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