Patrick Burris – Florida Knifemakers Association


I was raised on a farm in Eastern Tennessee. Growing up in a country setting, we had a great time in the outdoors working as well as having fun hunting and fishing.  I learned at an early age the need for quality, reliable tools.  One of the most important on the farm was a good knife.  I used to visit one of my uncles who would spend many hours teaching me how to sharpen a knife and to whittle the afternoon away on a soft piece of red cedar.  I began going quail hunting with my father as soon as I was old enough to kick briars out of the path.  I couldn’t wait for the fall, when I could pester Dad into taking me hunting again

My Dad was a machinist for a large aircraft manufacturer.  During the late sixties he began making straight knives.  I couldn’t get over how the fit and finish was so much better than the factory knives available at the time.  The feeling of pride and accomplishment as he showed me his knives, proved to be a major force in my desire to become a knife maker.

My knives are all individually crafted one at a time, with some of the finest materials available.  All blades are flat ground from bar stock, professionally heat treated, and sub-zero quenched.  In most cases all knives will come with a heavy weight, hand sewn leather sheath or pouch.

Through knifemaking, I have met some wonderful people.  People who are excited about their craft and willing to share their knowledge with anyone having an interest and the time to listen.  Collectors who enjoy the same enthusiasm and excitement as I feel when I find “that special knife” to add to my collection.  People who want to see their passions spread and evolve.

I take great pride in crafting each one of my knives and hope each will provide it’s owner with years of reliability and enjoyment.

Scales of Armadillo armor add uniqueness and one of a kind appeal. Most straight knives are supplied with 8-9 oz. handstitched sheath of premium leather.