Mike Buell – Florida Knifemakers Association

When man had to fight for his meals and huddle in caves for survival there existed a select breed of people whom I refer to as Saber-Tooth Tiger hunters. These menwere the ones who fought against a deadly prey, not because they needed to but because they wanted to, their blood pumping, adrenaline releasing, they longed for combat. It was in their soul to challenge themselves and see exactly how tough they really were and could be.

I have always prided myself in the thought that I am among those of the Saber-Tooth Tiger hunter breed and from my days of street hooliganism to my time as an 82nd Airborne Infantry Paratrooper, Professional Fighter, and Coach. I always sought to test my metal and even earned the nickname Spotted Steel from my Army boxing coach. So after fighting and coaching I looked for a craft that could represent my nature of Iron and found no better way to express my inner warrior than in the creation of instruments of a warrior — knives.

Knife making is important to me because in honing my craft I continue my lifelong quest of iron and always strive to advance the quality of my blades as I had previously advanced myself as a warrior. It represents the same spirit. I strive for perfection in my hand crafted blades and desire my creations to aid a kindred spirit in their own path of warrior-hood.
Thank You,
Michael Buell
“The Champ”

All my knives are handmade one at a time using the finest materials.
I grind ATS-34, S30V, BG-42 and Damascus steel.
I make hunters, filet knives, bowies, liner lock folders and an occasional slip joint folder.