Jimmie Smith – Florida Knifemakers Association

I do not make knives for the masses. I make knives for the few that want a knife they can call an original. I do not produce the same knife twice. All of our knives come with a certificate of authenticity stating 1 of 1. I take that 1of 1 very seriously. Please do not request a knife I have already produced.
All knives illustrated are ones I have made for someone else. All knives come in a presentation box, either under glass or open cases with hard lids.
Like our knives, our presentation cases are all originals, I will not make the same presentation box twice.
I am trying to provide an original piece you can display for the rest of your life. The knives are all usable if you choose to do so. My knives are made of the best materials available anywhere.
I will always try to have any requested material available to meet my customers needs and wants.


Jimmie Smith

Phone: 352-771-6481