Carlo Raineri – Florida Knifemakers Association

Carlo Raineri has been making knives for over 27 years.

My name is Carlo Raineri, I grew up in the Glades in So. Florida. My love of knives started as a young boy. In the Glades we had a guys group known as Wild Life. Our leader was a retired Navy man, other men would give their time and weekends to take our group camping where I learned to love the outdoors of Florida. We went on camp-outs near the Kissimmee river and Fish Eating Creek, where our most important tool was our knife.

After serving in the U. S. Army I returned to the Glades where I worked in a machine shop where we fabricated irrgation pumps and forged propellers and welded broken farm equipment. I was fortunate to have a friend who was an early member of the Knife Makers Guild, Don Zaccagnino, where I learned my first skills and my love for knife making by spending time in Don‘s shop and attending the Batson Hammer-In in Alabama and coming together with other knifemakers who shared their knowledge, which helped me learn how to make better and stronger knives.

I make all my knives by hand from start to finish, including my own heat treating. I use 440C, 1095, and 52100 steel. I also use ivory, pearl, stag and different kinds of wood for the handles. I make folders, straight knives and letter openers.


Carlo Raineri Knives
6 Milestone Way
West Palm Beach, Florida. 33415

Phone: 561-683-6414