Stan Wilson – Florida Knifemakers Association

All my life I have been a maker of many things, a jack-of-all-trades if you will. The idea of making a knife had been with me for a long time. Ever since I was a small boy I have always carried a knife, to me it was an indispensable tool, never to be without. Later on in years, it was a good friend & hunting partner who finally got me started in knife making, though he was unaware of it. Every time we went hunting he would tell anyone who would listen about his knife, an old Rudy Ruana. The knife I carried at that time was nothing special, so one day after hearing one of his stories for umpteenth time I decided to make a knife of my own. I was going to apply all my crafting skills to this task. Little did I know that what I was plunging into was first going to evolve from a hobby, to an obsession, to something that I hope to make into my livelihood. That first knife was made from scavenged materials. A chainsaw bar for the blade, a copper electrode was made into the guard, the handle cut from an old rosewood picture frame. It took months of trial and error to finish that knife, but when it was completed I felt great pride in a work of art, that of course today remains very functional. Upon completion of the first, I felt challenged to make another, but better. This is and always will be my creed. I promise to deliver each knife better than the last. That is the true challenge of what drives me today, to deliver the best I can.I will go any length to ensure satisfaction and deliver what is truly a hand crafted knife. My choice of materials for my knives are natural and exotic handle materials such as pearl, bone, ivory or fine burlwood combined with a Damascus blade. All my knives are made by stock-removal, free hand ground and hand finished. I do not work off of set patterns, but from a simple drawing. This takes more time but it also allows me to be more creative and have full control to make changes to each custom knife, obviously as result no two knives are ever identical. My knives were once described by another knifemaker as organic in design. My basic designs still reflect that organic flow, graceful curves and a minimum of straight lines. I maintain sole authorship on all my knives with the exception of the Damascus I use and heat-treating of stainless steels. I make knives the old way, one at a time. I have traditionally made fixed blades, but lately I have been making folders. I prefer to make folders more since there is so much more of a challenge. But the fact still remains, I am a custom maker suiting to a customers needs, It’s your design or mine.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to putting together a fine hand crafted knife for you.

Stan Wilson



2003  “Best Custom Folder”  Gator Cutlery Club Show

2008 “Best Folder” Knifemakers Guild Show




Stan Wilson: 8931 Pritcher Road, Lithia, Florida 33547

Phone: 727-461-1992




Don Vogt – Florida Knifemakers Association

Don Vogt

“When knives express an idea beyond their utilitarian purpose, they enter the realm of art”

I have always found my passion through creating different things.  When I saw handmade knives for the first time, I saw a

limitless avenue for creation.  I started my first knife in 1991 and completed only 6 knives by 1995, each knife very different in style and process.  It gave me a wide view of knife-making, and provided the basics and the desire to expand on my designs.  In 1996, I purchased a belt grinder and started making knives to sell.  All were very similar in style and function, not very exciting.  It re-enforced my thoughts that it is much more fulfilling to create something different each time, than to replicate a single style.  That is when I decided to create one-of-a-kind art knives.  It’s a continuous learning experience with limitless boundaries.

I specialize in folders and automatics, and will make fixed blade knives through orders.  I use the very best materials in my designs, and embellish the knives with gold, jewels, and inlays.  I fully carve each knife from front to back using graver chisels and a chase hammer.  I do my own heat-treating, and design each knife for reliability and function.


1997  “Best Custom Folder”  National Knife Collectors Association, Lakeland Show

2000     “ Best of Show, Custom Folder”  Gator Cutlery Club Show

2001     “ Best Custom Straight Knife”  Gator Cutlery Club Show

2004  “ Best Art Knife”  BLADE Show and International Cutlery Fair

2004 “Best Art Knife” BLADE Show and International Cutlery Fair

2004 “Best Art Knife” Handmade Knife Award, awarded by Blade Magazine

2005 “Best Art Knife” BLADE Show and International Cutlery Fair

2005 “Best Art Knife” Handmade Knife Award, awarded by Blade Magazine

2010 “Best of Show” Gator Cutlery Club Show

2011 “Best Art Knife” BLADE Show and International Cutlery Fair


Donald Vogt: 9007 Hogans Bend, Tampa, Florida, 33647

Phone: 813-973-3245




Jimmie Smith – Florida Knifemakers Association

I do not make knives for the masses. I make knives for the few that want a knife they can call an original. I do not produce the same knife twice. All of our knives come with a certificate of authenticity stating 1 of 1. I take that 1of 1 very seriously. Please do not request a knife I have already produced.
All knives illustrated are ones I have made for someone else. All knives come in a presentation box, either under glass or open cases with hard lids.
Like our knives, our presentation cases are all originals, I will not make the same presentation box twice.
I am trying to provide an original piece you can display for the rest of your life. The knives are all usable if you choose to do so. My knives are made of the best materials available anywhere.
I will always try to have any requested material available to meet my customers needs and wants.


Jimmie Smith

Phone: 352-771-6481


TerryLee Renner – Florida Knifemakers Association

I am the owner and operator of TR Blades, which was established in 2005.

Someone somewhere remembers my first attempt at knife making as I attempted to build my own Buck folding knife, using a body grinder and a file, some scrap brass and a table leg for handle wood. Years later my friends were still using it to shuck oysters. I had moved back to my hometown of Estes Park, Colorado, where I met a few fellows who happened to be some of the founding members of the Knifemaker’s Guild, Mr. R.D. (Doyle) Nolen, Mr. T.J. Yancy, and Mr. Howard Robbins.

These fine fellows allowed me into their shops and showed me what a real knife was supposed to look like.
At this time, I started carving wildlife portraits instag, and traded some of my work for materials and supplies with them for theuse of their tools and the expertise of Mr. Nolen.
Thanks again to all of them.

At the present time I make mostly folding knives incorporating my own patented integral lock. These are constructed using ATS-34, S30V, and Damascus steels from various smiths. I do my own heat-treating. Handle materials are usually titanium, pearl, mastodon ivory, giraffe bone, and stabilized wood and stone.
My carved levitated display art knives are usually handled in Sambar stag.
All my levitated knives are custom ordered.

Please, take a look at my website for examples of previous works and current products.
You maycontact me at for all personal custom orders, any questions that you may have or just to talk about knives.


We Can be reached by:

Phone: 941-545-6320

Mailing Address:
707 13th Ave.Cir. W.
Palmetto, FL 34221

Web Site:


Carlo Raineri – Florida Knifemakers Association

Carlo Raineri has been making knives for over 27 years.

My name is Carlo Raineri, I grew up in the Glades in So. Florida. My love of knives started as a young boy. In the Glades we had a guys group known as Wild Life. Our leader was a retired Navy man, other men would give their time and weekends to take our group camping where I learned to love the outdoors of Florida. We went on camp-outs near the Kissimmee river and Fish Eating Creek, where our most important tool was our knife.

After serving in the U. S. Army I returned to the Glades where I worked in a machine shop where we fabricated irrgation pumps and forged propellers and welded broken farm equipment. I was fortunate to have a friend who was an early member of the Knife Makers Guild, Don Zaccagnino, where I learned my first skills and my love for knife making by spending time in Don‘s shop and attending the Batson Hammer-In in Alabama and coming together with other knifemakers who shared their knowledge, which helped me learn how to make better and stronger knives.

I make all my knives by hand from start to finish, including my own heat treating. I use 440C, 1095, and 52100 steel. I also use ivory, pearl, stag and different kinds of wood for the handles. I make folders, straight knives and letter openers.


Carlo Raineri Knives
6 Milestone Way
West Palm Beach, Florida. 33415

Phone: 561-683-6414



Ernie Lyle – Florida Knifemakers Association

I started making knives in 1972 while working for Bell South Telephone Company in Orlando, Florida.  In 1976 I joined the Knifemakers Guild .  After serving 2 years probation, I was granted voting membership.

My knives are made by the stock removal method, and are heat treated by Paul Bos.

There are no helpers in my shop, and all work is done on hand operated machines with no CNC equipment.

Many of my knives are one of a kind or limited editions.  I also make period pieces.


Ernie Lyle: PO Box 1755, Chiefland, FL  32644

Phone: 352-490-6693



Ernie Grospitch – Florida Knifemakers Association

I have been making knives part-time since 1989 going full time in 2003.  I really enjoy taking raw stock and materials and creating knives that are useful and at times approach really being down-right pretty.  All of my knives are one of a kind, although they may be similar to others I have made.  I base that on the fact that they are handmade and for the most part are designed by me.  Each knife I make is made entirely by me, in my shop, I farm nothing out.  I use the stock removal method to grind out my knives and work with a wide range of materials.  I make Bowies, hunting, fishing, lockback folders, leathercraft and kitchen knives.


This hollow ground skinner has a 1/8″ X 1″ X 3 3/4″  blade of ATS-34 stainless steel.  The blade has been triple tempered with a sub-zero treatment to a Rc~60.  The premium Desert Ironwood scales are dove tailed into a Fossil Walrus tusk spacer and 416 stainless steel bolsters.  The full tang is taper ground.  The spine has hand filed vine pattern file work.  The handle pins are nickel silver.  The sheath is 7/8 oz. hand sewn vegetable tanned leather in the British tan color


  The blade on this Bowie is .250 ” X 1.875″ X 11.5″ .  It is made from 440-C stainless steel with a drop point.  The blade has been triple tempered with a sub-zero treatment to a Rc of 59~.  The blade is flat ground with a distal taper.  It also sports my vine file work down the spine.  The nickel silver oval style guard is 3.5″ across and 1 1/4″ wide.  The handle is premium African Blackwood with two hidden bolts and two pins.   The pommel is nickel silver with alternating black and nickel silver spacers. The 8/9 oz. black leather, pebble finished sheath sports two nickel silver caps with decorative bolts. It has a trim fighting weight of1# 13 oz.


Ernie Grospitch

18440 Amityville Drive

Orlando, Florida,32820

(407) 568-5438

Email:  shrpknife@

Web Site:


Tom Enos – Florida Knifemakers Association

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, where I graduated from Plant High School and the University of Tampa. I earned a BS degree in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics and went to work in the Aerospace Industry at Cape Canaveral in the early 1960’s. As an engineer in computer programming and data analysis I worked on various projects: the Saturn Rocket Engine and later the Moon Launch Project. I worked for a number of aerospace companies including Martin Orlando, RCA, Chrysler, STL, and ILS.

One day while on a break from an overseas project I stopped in at Randall Made Knives in Orlando to purchase a Randall knife. I was greeted by an old friend from my days at Martin, Pete Hamilton who was the shop foreman. He invited me to come to work for Randall, the requirement being that I would be able to grind a straight line on a round wheel.

It took me a few weeks but I finally learned the art and worked at Randall Made Knives for about a year then decided to give knifemaking a try on my own. We converted my airplane hangar into a metal-working shop. After investing heavily in machinery and supplies, in 1973 I began marketing my own knives under my trademark: my name inside a Bowie outline. I enjoy knifemaking, which I consider an art form, and like to create unique designs and make everything from Throwing Knives to Swords, and Minatures to Hunting and Kitchen knives.

Over 1,800 knives of every type have been made and sold under my trademark. I work in only stainless steels, mostly 440 C using the stock removal process and man-made and natural materials for handles. My trademark and the year are always acid etched on the right hand side and the steel type and serial number on the left. I also make my own leather sheaths and have always offered a lifetime guarantee on all my work. I have never had any returns except for repairs which I am happy to do for my customers. Now I only do a limited number of special request as I have slowed down on knife production to enjoy my other hobbies: Flying, Motorcycle riding, camping, boating, and photography. I am a member of a number of social societies including Sigma Phi Epsilon, NRA life member, National Geographic Society, AOPA and others.


12302 St. Road 535, Orlando, Florida,
(407) 239-6205



Jim Elliott – Florida Knifemakers Association

Hello, this is Jim Elliott and I thank you for taking the time to look at this web page.  I have been a member of the Florida Knifemakers’ Association since it’s start in 1977 and a member of the Knifemakers Guild since 1998.  I make knives one at a time using ATS-34, 440-C, D2 and various Damascus steels.  When it comes to handle materials natural stuff like fossil ivories, bone, horn, exotic woods and pearl work best for me.  I make liner lock folders, some automatics, hunters, skinners, and fillet knives.  I also make the sheaths that go with them.  Check the pictures below and give me a call or write concerning your particular interest.  Custom orders are accepted.

FOLDER……The blade is 2.250″ of 440-C stainless steel and the knife is 3.5 inches closed.  The knife is all file worked.  The handle is Fossil Walrus tusk. The thumb stud has an opal set in it and the locking liner is colored Titanium.

Slim Hunter….The ATS-34 stainless steel blade is 4″ with the knife being 8″ overall.  The blade has file work, a tapered tang, lanyard hole and mosaic pins in the Stag handle.

Fighter/Bowie  The blade on this Fighter is rose stainless steel Damascus with a length of 5.750″.  The fittings are brass with an Elephant ivory handle.  The knife is all file worked and is 10″ overall.

How to contact me.

Jim Elliott

18175 Highway 98 North

Okeechobee, Florida, 34972

(863) 763-3265


Patrick Burris – Florida Knifemakers Association

I was raised on a farm in Eastern Tennessee. Growing up in a country setting, we had a great time in the outdoors working as well as having fun hunting and fishing.  I learned at an early age the need for quality, reliable tools.  One of the most important on the farm was a good knife.  I used to visit one of my uncles who would spend many hours teaching me how to sharpen a knife and to whittle the afternoon away on a soft piece of red cedar.  I began going quail hunting with my father as soon as I was old enough to kick briars out of the path.  I couldn’t wait for the fall, when I could pester Dad into taking me hunting again

My Dad was a machinist for a large aircraft manufacturer.  During the late sixties he began making straight knives.  I couldn’t get over how the fit and finish was so much better than the factory knives available at the time.  The feeling of pride and accomplishment as he showed me his knives, proved to be a major force in my desire to become a knife maker.

My knives are all individually crafted one at a time, with some of the finest materials available.  All blades are flat ground from bar stock, professionally heat treated, and sub-zero quenched.  In most cases all knives will come with a heavy weight, hand sewn leather sheath or pouch.

Through knifemaking, I have met some wonderful people.  People who are excited about their craft and willing to share their knowledge with anyone having an interest and the time to listen.  Collectors who enjoy the same enthusiasm and excitement as I feel when I find “that special knife” to add to my collection.  People who want to see their passions spread and evolve.

I take great pride in crafting each one of my knives and hope each will provide it’s owner with years of reliability and enjoyment.

Scales of Armadillo armor add uniqueness and one of a kind appeal. Most straight knives are supplied with 8-9 oz. handstitched sheath of premium leather.